“BAUKTION APP” the best app for doing Auction of bank assets online.

As pandemic is all around the world right now, the prices of properties & investment assets have become cheaper nowadays. So this is a good opportunity for investors to purchase any property or capital assets. And sadly due to COVID-19 our market is moving bearish.

And before pandemic our banks have already given many types of different loans to different people, & there are higher chances that borrowers may not be able to repay their loans to banks.

Now this is positive news for people who were waiting to get rates cheaper & then do an investment or purchase a property. So bank auctions are good news for the people who are now thinking to do investment at cheaper rates. As our government is already giving pressure to all the banks to keep clear their NPAs i.e Non-performing assets. Therefore you must have noticed mega auctions are conducted almost by all the banks. But for participating in a bank auction you have to hunt about it in newspapers or via other sources.

What if you will get everything about it in your smartphone?

And if you will have it in your smartphone everything is just one touch away. Here I will give you the solution to your problems,

You must have been hunting for properties or investment via agents or newspapers, asked information about it from your relatives or friends & many of the times you must have been fooled. The main thing is you need a safer platform that provides you right & easy guidance for doing bank auctions.

Here is the best app for you called “Bauktion” which gives you the right & legal platform to participate in bank auctions & do investment at cheaper rates, if you will use this app “ you will be enjoying the best of both the worlds”

A deep dive

Let’s take a deep dive into this in bauktion app you will only get the properties that are auctioned by the banks, basically, the customers who default for repaying the loan for three months banks sold their properties or assets in the auction. In this app assets & properties are displayed well with all relevant information.

Normally banks display about their auction on newspaper articles & also on their website, this app has consolidated with all the banks & provides each & every information on your fingertips. This information includes the location of the assets along with notice & minimum buying price offered by banks & much more.

People can easily view & download the notice of bank auction through this application, and as this notice includes information related to the bank, investors can directly contact the relationship manager of the respective bank. And if you agree with the minimum buying price you have to meet the relationship manager on the action date of the property you can visit & do the inception of the property or asset, you can also verify the documents of the property by visiting the respected bank.

After the inception of the property if you are really interested to buy, you have to compulsorily deposit the 10% of the auction amount i.e the reserve amount.

You can easily download this app & you just have to login through your email i.d.


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